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JassKass is an iOS/Android app for Jass players. In case you aren’t Swiss: Jass is a very popular, traditional Swiss card game. It stands apart from other card games in that not the Ace is the highest card in the game, but the peasant (this also reflects a typical Swiss attitude whereas the saying goes that Swiss historically don’t want “foreign judges” 🙂 ).

GitHub Repository AppStore (coming soon) PlayStore

The Jass Game

I stand back from explaining the complete rules of the game, since they’re pretty complicated. This is how much you have to know to understand the purpose of the app:

  • Jass is typically played in teams of 2, where one teams play against the other
  • Your team has to make a certain amount of points (usually 2’500) to win the game
  • The game is round-based, whereas a total of 157 Points can be made each round. If a team makes all the points, it gets 100 extra points.
  • At the start of each round another player gets to determine the variant of the game. Each variant comes with a factor, which multiplies the points for eachteam by one, two or three. This can bring you closer to the goal, but can also set you back faster (if your cards aren’t as good as you thought).
  • Some events (half of the points reached, certain combinations of cards) can lead to penalty points for the other team
  • Most people who regularly play Jass together, have some sort of piggy bank in which they pay a certain amount of money, depending on the penalty points their team got (more points = more money)

Why is it awesome?

  • Because you’ll never have to worry about carrying pen&paper with you when playing Jass
  • Because it counts the points for you and never makes a mistake
  • Because it automatically keeps track of the penalty points for each team and tells you, how much you have to pay
  • Because it facilitates the life of everyone who is responsible to run a piggy bank and collect money from fellow players (which is an ungrateful chore, since you do not want to mess around with friends about debts)
  • Because it is a hybrid App that will run on both iOS and Android Devices
  • Because you can use the smartphone or tablet of ANY player to start a Jass (assuming it’s an iOS or Android device)

What can I do with it?

A lot of things, amongst others you can…

  • … use it as a virtual Jass board that automatically counts points for each team
  • … have the app keep track of penalty points
  • … get a list of past games, including statistics (Who played together? Which team played how many points? Which team got what penalty? …)
  • … get detailled statistics over a longer period (Who is the overall best player in terms of points played? Which team harmonizes the most? Who paid the most money? …)
  • … synchronize the whole load of data with your fellow players, so that everyone is always up to date

What can’t I do with it?

Awesome as it may be, there are some drawbacks. Currently, you cannot…

  • .. download the App from AppStore or Google Play (since it’s not finished yet 🙂 )
  • … pay your dues resulting from a Jass (this would require connection with leading banks all over the world, which honestly I’m too lazy to hassle around
  • Send notification emails to pending debitors (may be a feateure in an upcoming release)
  • buy your girlfriend flowers
  • search cat pictures on the internet

Why this project?

As often, it started as an assignment at university. I made the conceptual part there and am doing the implementation in my spare time.

What technologies did you use?

Here’s the tech-stack:

  • SDK: Flex 4.0.12
  • Runtime: AIR 13
  • Architecture: Robotlegs 2.0 (Dependency Injection)
  • Backend: Azure Cloud DB with Webservice
  • Unit Testing: FlexUnit 4.2, Mockolate
  • Deployment: Jenkins & Ant

Wouldn’t it be even more awesome, if… ?

There are a lot of extensions to add, for example:

  • Making it multi-user friendly (instead of using the built in four players)
  • Login with your Facebook/Google/…-Account
  • Make teams on the fly
  • Include a Jass-Computer to play against your phone or tablet 🙂
  • Send reminder mails automatically to pending payers
  • Include a beer tap so that every player stays refreshed

Feel free to fork from my repo 🙂

OK enough dirty details! I agree it’s awesome!

Told you so! 🙂

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