Songster is a Java application that lets you search your private music collection for songs matching a given topic. The search is performed by searching the title and the lyrics, so the process also involves automatic download of lyrics for your song.

GitHub Repository Download (coming soon)

Why is it awesome?

  • Because you can find a song fitting your current mood, not by rhythm or genre but by its lyrics!
  • Because it uses your personal music library as a data source
  • Because it automatically downloads lyrics for those songs!

What can I do with it?

A lot of things, amongst others you can…

  • … search for specific terms contained in the lyrics of your personal music
  • … choose the searching algorithm
  • … chose where to search (artist name, lyrics, title)
  • … boost matches found in the title and/or lyrics

What can’t I do with it?

Awesome as it may be, there are some things that are not possible with Songster. Currently, you cannot…

  • … integrate the lyrics with your music files
  • … choose where to download the lyrics from
  • … actually view the lyrics (for that you’d have to open the repective file manually)
  • … use it in Karaoke bar for a sing-a-long contest
  • … pay your taxes with it
  • … find out why men have nipples too

Why this project?

As always it started at university. I had to do a project in the area of Information Retrieval (IR) and this is what I  did!

What technology did you use?

Here’s the tech-stack:

  • Language: Java
  • Framework: Guice
  • Search Engine: Lucene 4.8.0

Wouldn’t it be even more awesome, if… ?

There are a lot of extensions to add, for example:

  • Rate the search result
  • Propose other songs that might also be interesting for you that you don’t have

Feel free to fork from my repo 🙂

OK enough dirty details! I agree it’s awesome!

Told you so! 🙂

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