Nothing too small not to be mentioned here 🙂

ToDo is a very simple web app to keep track of your upcoming tasks.

GitHub Repository Demo

Why is it awesome?

  • Because it runs on my own NAS

What can I do with it?

A lot of things, amongst others you can…

  • … add/Remove a task
  • … prioritize a task
  • … schedule a task by setting a deadline
  • … mark a task as finished
  • … edit an already added task
  • … delete a task

What can’t I do with it?

Awesome as it may be, there are some drawbacks. Currently, you cannot…

  • … synchronize with other devices (since the data is only stored locally…)
  • … login/logout (your tasks will only be visible to you on the device you entered them)
  • … share a task with others
  • … set a reminder
  • … cook an egg
  • … find out the meaning of life

Why this project?

As always it started at university. I wanted to do something with Twitter Bootstrap and voilà!

What technology did you use?

Here’s the tech-stack:

  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Wouldn’t it be even more awesome, if… ?

There are a lot of extensions to add, for example:

  • Make it multi user capable
  • save data on a backend instead of localStorage
  • connect with Facebook, Google+, …
  • Make it responsive 🙂

Feel free to fork from my repo 🙂

OK enough dirty details! I agree it’s awesome!

Told you so! 🙂

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